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Reduce memory usage

See original GitHub issue

I was looking through the source code of the library, and noticed that there is quite some room to reduce the amount of memory allocated for certain operations.

I ran benchmarks (source code attached) for the (I think) most commonly used public methods, and came up with these results.

Obviously a large part of the runtime and memory usage is inherent to the algorithm itself, but I do believe that some optimizations might be useful to reduce unnecessary allocations.

Things I noticed at first glance:

  • StringBuilders are used as scratch buffers, preallocating might be possible.
  • The hash interrogation regexes generate a lot of garbage, a fast path for PasswordNeedsRehash could be added to improve this scenario. A simple custom parser could improve this significantly.
  • .NET Standard 2.1 has a lot of Span based API’s that could be used to implement optimized paths if the consumer is compatible.

Are you interested in taking PR’s for this?

BenchmarkDotNet=v0.12.0, OS=Windows 10.0.18363
Intel Core i7-3632QM CPU 2.20GHz (Ivy Bridge), 1 CPU, 8 logical and 4 physical cores
.NET Core SDK=3.1.101
  [Host]     : .NET Core 3.1.1 (CoreCLR 4.700.19.60701, CoreFX 4.700.19.60801), X64 RyuJIT
  DefaultJob : .NET Core 3.1.1 (CoreCLR 4.700.19.60701, CoreFX 4.700.19.60801), X64 RyuJIT

Method text hash value Mean Error StdDev Gen 0 Gen 1 Gen 2 Allocated
GenerateSalt ? ? ? 748.4 ns 5.92 ns 4.95 ns 0.2155 - - 680 B
PasswordNeedsRehash ? ? ? 3,395.1 ns 37.28 ns 31.13 ns 0.4196 - - 1328 B
VerifyPassword **** $2a$0(…)eX1s. [60] ? 7,105,149.9 ns 43,366.64 ns 36,213.11 ns - - - 10064 B
HashPassword ? ? **** 7,015,698.7 ns 48,091.09 ns 44,984.44 ns - - - 10405 B
VerifyPassword abcde(…)vwxyz [26] $2a$0(…)QhstC [60] ? 7,090,475.1 ns 18,558.79 ns 15,497.43 ns - - - 10174 B
HashPassword ? ? abcde(…)vwxyz [26] 7,154,595.2 ns 85,278.99 ns 79,770.02 ns - - - 10515 B
    public class Benchmarks
        public string GenerateSalt()
            => BCrypt.GenerateSalt(10);

        public bool PasswordNeedsRehash()
            => BCrypt.PasswordNeedsRehash("$2a$06$DCq7YPn5Rq63x1Lad4cll.TV4S6ytwfsfvkgY8jIucDrjc8deX1s.", 10);

        public string HashPassword(string value)
            => BCrypt.HashPassword(value, "$2a$06$DCq7YPn5Rq63x1Lad4cll.", true, HashType.SHA384);

        [Arguments("", "$2a$06$DCq7YPn5Rq63x1Lad4cll.TV4S6ytwfsfvkgY8jIucDrjc8deX1s.")]
        [Arguments("abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz", "$2a$06$.rCVZVOThsIa97pEDOxvGuRRgzG64bvtJ0938xuqzv18d3ZpQhstC")]
        public bool VerifyPassword(string text, string hash)
            => BCrypt.Verify(text, hash);

Update: Aligned benchmarks to all use workfactor 6 hashes

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

jvandertilcommented, Jan 30, 2020

Awesome, glad to be able to help. The span PR could be done without Span by moving the ‘_lr’ array into a private field and initializing it instead of allocating a new array each iteration. Should give roughly the same order of savings. Not sure if there are any security implications when doing that tho.

Shouldn’t really matter as you can then control when the array is cleared instead of leaving it up to the GC.

ChrisMcKeecommented, Jan 27, 2021


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