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Outbox messages are store with defferent "EndpointName" and "ActualEndpointName"

See original GitHub issue

I expect “ActualEndpointName” equals “EndpointName” in the outbox table, but it’s defferent (see screanschort).

Here outbound configuration

                        .AddOutbound<NotifyPaymentEvent>(endpoint => endpoint
                            .WithKafkaKey<NotifyPaymentEvent>(envelope => envelope.Message.Id)

This seems to be the cause of the error:

fail: Silverback.Messaging.Outbound.TransactionalOutbox.OutboxWorker[1077]
      Failed to produce the message stored in the outbox. | endpointName: StudentUserPhoneDuplicateEvent, messageType: *project-name*.DrivingStartingEvent, *project-name*, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null, messageId: 1e563aad-8b99-4daa-a981-f667d507bb8a, unused1: (null), unused2: (null)
      System.InvalidOperationException: No endpoint with name 'StudentUserPhoneDuplicateEvent' could be found for a message of type '*project-name*.DrivingStartingEvent'.
         at Silverback.Messaging.Outbound.TransactionalOutbox.OutboxWorker.GetTargetEndpoint(Type messageType, String endpointName, IServiceProvider serviceProvider)
         at Silverback.Messaging.Outbound.TransactionalOutbox.OutboxWorker.ProcessMessageAsync(OutboxStoredMessage message, ConcurrentBag`1 failedMessages, IOutboxReader outboxReader, IServiceProvider serviceProvider)


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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:23 (14 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

alefcarloscommented, Feb 24, 2023

@BEagle1984, @davimorao and I work together rs

We tried the beta and everything worked good!

@cookie-bytes did you try that?

BEagle1984commented, Feb 26, 2023

Published v4.1.1 including the fix

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