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Specs got stuck in the end

See original GitHub issue

I’m using superagent-mock to mock my requests and, even returning the correct result and the tests are passing, after all specs are done, the suite got stuck and release after 60s (probably a timeout).

Disabling superagent-mock makes all the specs to pass (hitting the real server), and the suite finishes instantly.

Below is my spec:

  describe('search triggers', () => {
    const mockObj = superagentMock(request, rules)

    describe('city search', () => {
      beforeEach(() => triggerSearchByCity())

      it('should update the state', () => {

And my mock setup rules:

 rules= [{
    pattern: '*)',

    fixtures: function (match, params, headers, context) {
      // City search mock
      if (match[1] === '?q=Berlin%2CDE&units=metric&APPID=[MY APP ID]') {
        return cityResponse

    get: function (match, data) {
      return {
        body: data

And my superagent call:

  return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
        q: `Berlin,DE`,
        units: 'metric',
        APPID: '[My APP ID]'
      .end((err, res) => {
        if (err) { reject (err)      }
        else     { resolve(res.body) }

The promise above is resolved in the triggerSearchByCity() method.

UPDATE: Here’s another simpler setup that causes the same problem:


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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

daldridge-cscommented, Aug 8, 2018

I had the same issue, and switched to superagent-mocker, which handles superagent’s RequestBase::then() correctly. Tests that hung Mocha with superagent-mock, no longer hung when using superagent-mocker (tests stayed exactly the same, only the before/after hooks were modified to use the other mocking library).

y-nkcommented, Jun 21, 2021

@fdubost not sure why issue is closed. it’s still happening.

i’ve pinpointed to this particular moment where the setTimeout is never called ; but not sure why. It’d be great to fix it.

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