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Support Roblox Lua

See original GitHub issue


name version
IDEA version CL2021.2 RC
Luanalysis version v1.3.0
OS OSX 11.5.1

What are the steps to reproduce this issue?

  1. Use Roblox Lua type features:
local Constants = require(script.Parent.Constants)
type Passthrough<T> = Constants.Passthrough<T | nil, any?>
type Set<T> = {
	size: number,
	-- method definitions
	add: (Set<T>, T) -> Set<T>,
	clear: (Set<T>) -> (),
	delete: (Set<T>, T) -> boolean,
	has: (Set<T>, T) -> boolean,
	ipairs: (Set<T>) -> any,
type Array<T> = { [number]: T }
local myArray: Array<string> = { "hello", "world"}
local mySet: Set<Array<Passthrough<number>>> =
mySet:add({math.huge, 2, Constants.ZERO})
  1. See parse errors

What happens?

Some basics of Roblox Lua get parse errors very early in the file, resulting in most navigation features not working.

What were you expecting to happen?

The ability for the plugin to auto-detect the variant of Lua and to support navigation (control/command+click, etc).

Any logs, error output, etc?


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  • State:open
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:8 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Benjamin-Dobellcommented, Apr 11, 2022

In Github issues, if we can restrict the analysis of semantics to code, that’d be most appreciated 🙂 Thanks!

matthargettcommented, Apr 9, 2022

@matthargett Do Roblox have a developer tooling team that is interested in stuff like Luanalysis? If so, I’d be keen to have a chat. Feel free to email me. If not, no worries 😂

There is a developer tooling team, and a languages team. I don’t know that either would be explicitly interested in this project, but I don’t speak for them – just myself 😃

The language grammar specification and parser source code are all public, with reference implementations in C++ at and in Rust at .

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