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this.render() not showing gallery unless i resize the window

See original GitHub issue

First, I would like to congratulate you on the quality of this gallery and thank you for sharing with the community.

I just installed the component, it works but… the gallery doesn’t render unless I resize the screen.

I pinpointed the problem to the this part :

// twice, single leads to different strange browser behaviour this.render(); this.render();

I even tried using setTimeout with 5 seconds timeout, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Again, when I change resize the window it works just fine.

Do you have any idea how to fix this ?

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jschuldescommented, Feb 6, 2020

I´ve had the same problem. The thumbnails in the invisible part of the page doesn´t get rendered after they got scrolled into view. I started a new small project with angular 8.2 and material. In my case the problem was that I didn´t receive a scroll event and therefore the code for loading the images wasn´t called. Following line added in ngOnInit() resolved my problem:

window.addEventListener('scroll', this.triggerCycle.bind(this), true);

In ngOnDestroy I just remove the listener.

mmeziancommented, Jul 27, 2019

Anyone else could test the script bellow the fold (bellow the visible part of the screen) and see if it loads ?

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