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Is it possbile to eslint-disable a script(type=module)?

See original GitHub issue

When working with backend MVC projects, sometimes the code could be:

<!-- I want to disable eslint-plugin-html for this script block -->
<script type="module">
    window.myGlobal.var = {{.MyData}};  // here is invalid JS syntax, but it's rendered by backend template engine correctly.

<!--  eslint-plugin-html works well for this block, and it should be enabled -->
<script type="module">

What we need here is to make eslint-plugin-html skip a whole <script> block because code inside it is not valid JS syntax.

When using eslint-plugin-html, I can not find a proper way to disable the eslint for the script(type=module) block (I do not want ignore the whole file).

I know a trick that: <script><!-- /* eslint-disable */ --></script>, but it doesn’t work for script(type=module)

For traditional <script> we can use <script><!-- /* eslint-disable */ --></script>.

But for <script type=module>, this trick doesn’t work anymore because the module script doesn’t accept <!-- HTML comment.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

BenoitZugmeyercommented, Jul 18, 2022

Thank you for the suggestion, it has been implemented and released as part of v7.0.0.

silverwindcommented, Jul 11, 2022

I think the bug here is that invalid JS between eslint-disable and eslint-enable trips this module’s parser when it should ideally not try to parse anything between such tags:

  /* eslint-disable */
  /* eslint-enable */

The bug is reproducible with a regular .js file too, so I think espree is not correctly ignoring code between disable/enable sections as it expects the whole file/block to be valid JS, which generally is true for .js files but it’s certainly a problem with templated HTML.

What could work (if eslint-plugin-html decides to support it) would be support the disable/enable comment as HTML, outside the script block, so the invalid block is not passed to eslint in first place, e.g.

<!-- eslint-disable -->
<!-- eslint-enable -->
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