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Dependent requests does not seem to be reactive

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Describe the bug In my NextJS application, I wanted to use the useFetch hook to fetch some data from the API. I needed to grab some URL parameter from the router. As this parameter was undefined during the first render cycle, I tried to set up some dependent request like it is shown in the documentation.

const DetailPage: NextPageWithLayout<DetailPageProps> = (props) => {
	const router = useRouter();
	const { postId } = router.query;

	const { data, loading, error } = useFetch(getPost.setParams({ postId }), {
		disabled: !postId


	return <div>...</div>;

Unfortunately the command I passed to useFetch was never executed, once the postId was ready.

To Reproduce I have reproduced this behaviour in the following CodeSandbox:

There is some isFetchPostsDisabled property that is set to false after 1 second, but the command does not get executed. Maybe I am misunderstanding something?

I needed to work around this issue by creating some wrapper component, that I only include once the isFetchPostsDisabled is set to false, but this is not a real dependent request anymore.

Expected behavior Once the “disabled” property turns to false, I expect the command to be executed.

I was hoping you could help me a bit here. Maybe I am misunderstanding something?

Regards, Stefan

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

stefanullingercommented, Oct 17, 2022

Nice, works perfectly now! Thanks a lot!

github-actions[bot]commented, Oct 15, 2022

🎉 This issue has been resolved in version 1.6.1 🎉

The release is available on:

Your semantic-release bot 📦🚀

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