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Barcode Text not rendered in Viewer output

See original GitHub issue


.NET Framework 4.7.2 BinaryKits.Zpl.Label 3.1.0 BinaryKits.Zpl.Viewer 1.1.1

All other dependencies up to date.

Method for creating label preview:

DialogResult result = this.openFileDialog.ShowDialog();
if(result == DialogResult.OK) {
    string content = File.ReadAllText(this.openFileDialog.FileName);

    IPrinterStorage printerStorage = new PrinterStorage();
    ZplElementDrawer drawer = new ZplElementDrawer(printerStorage);

    ZplAnalyzer analyzer = new ZplAnalyzer(printerStorage);
    AnalyzeInfo analyzeInfo = analyzer.Analyze(content);

    foreach(LabelInfo labelInfo in analyzeInfo.LabelInfos) {
        byte[] labelData = drawer.Draw(labelInfo.ZplElements);
        File.WriteAllBytes("label.png", labelData);

Using this sample label data:





Expected ( reference):

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

primo-ppcgcommented, Jun 23, 2022

The problem is that the label can also be above the barcode

You can also set the LabelPosition of the BarcodeLib.Barcode to TOPCENTER, e.g.:

var barcodeElement = new Barcode {
    BarWidth = barcode.ModuleWidth,
    BackColor = Color.Transparent,
    Height = barcode.Height + barcode.LabelHeight,
    IncludeLabel = true,
    LabelPosition = LabelPositions.TOPCENTER,
    LabelFont = barcode.LabelFont
ingfdoaguirrecommented, Jun 22, 2022

@ingfdoaguirre is your viewer also open source available? Is there a reason for porting to another language?

Hi Tino, first I’m dont have the sufficient knowledge of C#, also I used tried to use the viewer to create PDF files intead images.

The first approach was to only append the image to a pdf file, but the final file size, was big on a document with some labels.

Then I tried pdfSharp to make “native pdf file”, it worked well.

The problem came when I made some tests, the ram memory usage was increasingly, lets say that on every page added to document, ram was increased by 20mb. I tried some some solutions, but no one worked. Then I tried on my win11 partition, and the ram leak was not present (I develop on Ubuntu).

After some research I discovered that the “System.Drawing.Common” library only works on windows (: and the problem with memory leak, was pdfSharp that doesn’t already implemented a solution to that.

Also this is the only open source library to analyze Zpl, and I use Go in my microservices, so I made a port.

I will upload that port to github and make open source this week, I’m solving some details. And I will explicitily say that is a port from this library, thats the reality and not a problem to me.

Also was a personal challenge, and it was fun.

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