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BinaryKits.Zpl.Viewer status?

See original GitHub issue

Hi! I was wondering what state BinaryKits.Zpl.Viewer is in; I saw it was being worked on pretty recently.

Does it render ZPL files now? How much of the ZPL language does it support? How much work is outstanding? Do you need help?



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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:9 (2 by maintainers)

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YipingRuancommented, Aug 10, 2021

@samuelneff In fact all the rendering is already in BinaryKits.Zpl.Viewer as a dll. You may refer to the package and use like:

Out of curiosity, may I ask why the online labelary was not chosen? Client sensitive data or the warehouse do not have public internet access? Thanks!

tinohagercommented, Aug 6, 2021

@samuelneff Hi We have only recently started the project but the rendering is already working very well as you can see in the image below. image

Does it render ZPL files now?


How much of the ZPL language does it support?

This is a difficult question because each command has many configuration parameters. I think the barcodes and the correct text rendering are the biggest issues at the moment.

How much work is outstanding?

The current version is running. What exactly do you want to use the project for and what do you need?

We have written analyzers for the following commands

new LabelHomeZplCommandAnalyzer(this._virtualPrinter),
new ChangeAlphanumericDefaultFontZplCommandAnalyzer(this._virtualPrinter),
new BarCodeFieldDefaultZplCommandAnalyzer(this._virtualPrinter),
new ScalableBitmappedFontZplCommandAnalyzer(this._virtualPrinter),
new FieldOriginZplCommandAnalzer(this._virtualPrinter),
new FieldTypesetZplCommandAnalyzer(this._virtualPrinter),
new FieldReversePrintZplCommandAnalyzer(this._virtualPrinter),
new FieldDataZplCommandAnalyzer(this._virtualPrinter),
new GraphicBoxZplCommandAnalyzer(this._virtualPrinter),
new GraphicCircleZplCommandAnalyzer(this._virtualPrinter),
new DownloadObjectsZplCommandAnaylzer(this._virtualPrinter, this._printerStorage),
new DownloadGraphicsZplCommandAnalyzer(this._virtualPrinter, this._printerStorage),
new RecallGraphicZplCommandAnalyzer(this._virtualPrinter),
new ImageMoveZplCommandAnalyzer(this._virtualPrinter),
new Code39BarcodeZplCommandAnalyzer(this._virtualPrinter),
new Code128BarcodeZplCommandAnalyzer(this._virtualPrinter),
new QrCodeBarcodeZplCommandAnalyzer(this._virtualPrinter),
new FieldSeparatorZplCommandAnalyzer(this._virtualPrinter)

Do you need help?

Yes we are very glad about support, for example this is an open issue (

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