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Not correctly reporting nonce errors

See original GitHub issue

I noticed this today when doing a doc update for pythonanywhere. I used an old API key and was getting

HTTP Error 422: Requesting returnOpenLoanOffers

After messing about with pdb I found it was actually

'{"error":"Nonce must be greater than 149457735191782915. You provided 1494578980835."}'

So these aren’t showing the full issue:

(Pdb) ex
(Pdb) str(ex)
'HTTP Error 422: '
(Pdb) ex.message
'HTTP Error 422:  Requesting returnOpenLoanOffers'

I’ll have a closer look, but I think we might need to do a bit more handling on exceptions when we catch them.

It’s pretty easy to replicate, just set your req['nonce'] = int(time.time() * 1000) to req['nonce'] = int(time.time() * 10) or something.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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tisdallcommented, Jun 2, 2017

… making a PR now.

tisdallcommented, Jun 2, 2017

@rnevet - It’s only handled there if the response is HTTP 200. The issue is if the response has an error code it’s returned as a urllib2.HTTPError. However, according to the docs, that exception can be handled in the same way as the return value from urlopen so you can read the body contents (if any). I put it in a try-except block because it’s possible to get an HTTP error code with no usable body.

As laxdog said, you can just change the nonce calculation to force it to return an error and you get back the message I quoted above.

The API docs are pretty lacking because it doesn’t state anywhere when you get HTTP error codes and when you don’t.

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