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Notification config value being ignored

See original GitHub issue

Hi, it seems that (at least using telegram notifications) the value for notify_xday_threshold is always considered to be True.

Also, to avoid spamming I think it would be much better if a notification was sent only if a loan offer was filled. Currently notify_xday_threshold sends a notification every time a loan offer is placed, and since the bot cancels and replaces all orders every minute or so, this can result in a lot of notifications being sent.

Granted, I am using a very large value for gaptop (20000%), so my bot almost always has an xday offer open.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:7 (4 by maintainers)

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kryogeniccommented, Mar 29, 2017

Ok I went ahead and partially implemented this, it’s quite messy and just prints to console instead of actually sending the notifications but hopefully this gives you something to work off of!

All I did was add a little bit to the top of get_total_lends() in modules/

loans_provided = {}

def get_total_lended():
    global loans_provided
    crypto_lended = api.return_active_loans()
    if loans_provided == {}:
        loans_provided = crypto_lended['provided']
        new_loan_ids = set(map(lambda l: l['id'], crypto_lended['provided'])) - set(map(lambda l: l['id'], loans_provided))
        if new_loan_ids:
            print('new loans found: ', new_loan_ids)

This implementation does have some issues, it will report any new loans regardless of whether the bot placed the order, and will not report updates if orders are filled while the bot is offline. I think it’s a good start though.

kryogeniccommented, Apr 8, 2017

Closed #281

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