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SDK size is not deployable in AWS Lambdas

See original GitHub issue


That’s the top 20 dependencies of this library. This was done on a clean folder and just: npm i bitgo

I would like to know if it’s possible to reduce the amount of unnecessary dependencies that are not explicit in the sdk’s package.json. For example:

And I’m not even counting the amount of SDKs of other blockchains that I’m not using.

I guess that someone started to include sdks without even checking for this stuff.

I noticed this issue: by @jaydenseric and it looks like no body cared and it just got worse over time.

I’m physically constrained by this SDK, and I cannot use our current set of tools and architecture that we’ve been using for months now.

UPDATE: I just confirmed that the celo sdk (@celo/contractkit) is one of the biggest problems here: image

UPDATE 2: Even chai and mocha are included in the dependencies…

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andreujuanccommented, Jul 24, 2021

Hi @Commoddity
We just lifted a fargate docker container with the express server image, then just http to it. It has been working perfectly since then. The only issue is that we are not 100% serverless anymore 😦 But hey now we’ve got some web3 listeners and started a couple of containers for that. In these cases we keep almost no logic and use them only as a “translation layer” between server instance and serverless using any kind of messaging system, in our case sns.

andreujuanccommented, Feb 19, 2021

Thanks for your reply. We are thinking on building an AWS lambda docker image, since this approach allows for more storage. I think this should do. This can be closed. PS: You should work with library authors to reduce size, since this has a big performance impact regardless of the deployment issue.

Be sure to checkout localstack if you havent already. I’m in talks with them but the engineer I was able to talk to said its on their backlog, but they’re incredibly backed up. Hopefully within this quarter.

You probably meant 😄 We already use it to do some integration testing. 😃 BTW just for the record, our easiest route was to spin up the express server (docker container) to act as a proxy so the lambdas can be very light without the sdk. We developed a very handy JS client for it.

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