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Enhancement: make line separator in CTE query string configurable

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When using CTE queries, the produced CTE query string contains line separators. When I enable query logging by enabling hibernate.show_sql the query spans over multiple log lines. As I am using Logback / Slf4j, each line is prefixed with a timestamp / thread name etc. I therefore can’t easily copy the SQL string (for example to inspect it or run an explain query against it). But it potentially has some side effects for monitoring as well (I haven’t observed such however).

  • Is the new added line separator required for some DB dialects?
  • If not, can we make this pretty print behaviour configurable?
  • If we do, should / could we reuse the hibernate.format_sql property (and possibly any Datanucleus equivalent) or should we ship our own property for this?

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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

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beikovcommented, Sep 26, 2019

How about simply rendering \n i.e. add a space before the \n. Would that help you? We can of course introduce a property to control this. I suggest we add it to ConfigurationProperties and put that into QueryConfiguration which is accessible through the MainQuery object in almost any context. We can parse a few well known properties by doing e.g. if ("true".equals(entityManagerFactory.getProperty("hibernate.format_sql")) { properties.put(ConfigurationProperties.SEPARATE_CTE_WITH_SPACE, true); } within the createCriteriaBuilderFactory() method

jwgmeligmeylingcommented, Oct 18, 2019

Hmm, lots of SQL generation happens within the dialects and CustomQuerySpecification (note that I’m mostly talking about the generated SQL and not necessarily the generated JPQL). Both of these classes currently do not have access to a QueryConfiguration, and for the dialects in particular it will be difficult to pass it on. Perhaps changing the default character used is easier, although it would require a lot of test assertions to be updated as well.

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