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[Contribution] Horizontal graph auto-layout code

See original GitHub issue

Altought this code is specific for the model of my project (w/ InPorts & OutPorts) I’ve made a recursive method to organize the graph layout horizontally. Example: Before auto layout call & After layout call

In case this helps someone integration I’ll drop the code here.

The function itself:

 //NodeData is the custom NodeModel implementation
 public delegate void SearchAction(NodeData node, int depthLevel, int branchesOffset);

public int DFS_SearchGraph(SearchAction searchAction, NodeData currentNode, int depthLevel, int maxBranchesPrevChilds)
            var maxBranchesCurrent = 0;
            int maxBranchesPrevChild = 0;

            for (int i = 0; i < currentNode.OutPort.connectedNodes.Count; i++)
                maxBranchesPrevChild = DFS_SearchGraph(searchAction, currentNode.OutPort.connectedNodes[i], depthLevel + 1, maxBranchesPrevChilds + maxBranchesCurrent);

                if (i < currentNode.OutPort.connectedNodes.Count-1) //Has next branch
                    maxBranchesCurrent += maxBranchesPrevChild + 1;
                    maxBranchesCurrent += maxBranchesPrevChild;
            searchAction(currentNode, depthLevel, maxBranchesPrevChilds);
            return maxBranchesCurrent;

The delegate implementation & function call:

public void OrganizeLayout()
            const int marginX = 400;
            const int marginY = 120;

            var rootNode = FindRootNode();
            if (rootNode is null) return;

            Dictionary<int, (double?, double?)> nodesPos = new();

            foreach (NodeData node in diagram.Nodes)
                nodesPos.Add(node.DataId, (null, null));

            SearchAction organizeLayoutAction = (n, l, m) =>

                var xFromCurrent = l * marginX;
                var yFromCurrent = m * marginY;
                if (nodesPos[n.DataId].Item1.HasValue) //If node already visited
                    var xSet = nodesPos[n.DataId].Item1.Value;

                    var ySet = nodesPos[n.DataId].Item2.Value;

                    nodesPos[n.DataId] = (xFromCurrent > xSet ? xFromCurrent : xSet, yFromCurrent < ySet ? yFromCurrent : ySet);
                    nodesPos[n.DataId] = (xFromCurrent, yFromCurrent);

            DFS_SearchGraph(organizeLayoutAction, rootNode, 0, 0);

            foreach (var nodePos in nodesPos)
                var test = nodePos;
                var node = diagram.Nodes.Where(x => ((NodeData)x).DataId == nodePos.Key).FirstOrDefault();
                node?.SetPosition(nodePos.Value.Item1.Value, nodePos.Value.Item2.Value);


  public NodeData FindRootNode()
            foreach (var node in diagram.Nodes)
                if (((NodeData)node).InPort.IsPortEmpty())
                    return (NodeData)node;
            return null;

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

ud-wafflecommented, Jun 29, 2021

The graph search algorithm is based on DFS but the rest was made by head w/ some trial and error, if that makes sense? To have multiple directions/orientations I’m guessing: You can probably just alter the marginX & marginY values to negative and invert the flow direction. Or use depthLevel for Y position & branchesOffset for X position to make it flow vertically. But never tried it out tho

petarvucommented, Feb 22, 2023

Hi @glinkot , would you mind sharing your implementation?

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