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Is it possible to validate child components?

See original GitHub issue

I’ve this Claim submit razor page:

<EditForm Model="@Model" OnValidSubmit="@Submit">
    <FluentValidationValidator />

    <div class="row">
        <AddressPartial Model="@Model" />

And this Address child page:

@inject ISharedResources Localizer

<LabelText For="@(() => Model.Address.Street)" />
<div class="input-group mb-3">
    <InputText @bind-Value="@Model.Address.Street" />
    <ValidationMessage For="@(() => Model.Address.Street)" />

@code {
    public ClaimBase Model { get; set; }

And when I clear the street (which should result in an required error message), this does not work and I get this exception in the browser:

[2019-09-26T18:09:51.529Z] Error: System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'Models.Address' to type 'Models.Claim'.
   at FluentValidation.ValidationContext.ToGeneric[T]() in /home/jskinner/code/FluentValidation/src/FluentValidation/ValidationContext.cs:line 211
   at FluentValidation.AbstractValidator`1.FluentValidation.IValidator.ValidateAsync(ValidationContext context, CancellationToken cancellation) in /home/jskinner/code/FluentValidation/src/FluentValidation/AbstractValidator.cs:line 74
   at Blazored.FluentValidation.EditContextFluentValidationExtensions.ValidateField(EditContext editContext, ValidationMessageStore messages, FieldIdentifier fieldIdentifier, IServiceProvider serviceProvider, IValidator validator) in C:\Users\Web.Blazor\Validation\EditContextFluentValidationExtensions.cs:line 64

Is this supposed to work, or should the below code be changed into:

 validator = GetValidatorForModel(serviceProvider, fieldIdentifier.Model); // fieldIdentifier.Model = the Address and editContext.Model is the Claim
private static async void ValidateField(EditContext editContext, ValidationMessageStore messages, FieldIdentifier fieldIdentifier, IServiceProvider serviceProvider, IValidator validator = null)
            var properties = new[] { fieldIdentifier.FieldName };
            var context = new ValidationContext(fieldIdentifier.Model, new PropertyChain(), new MemberNameValidatorSelector(properties));

            if (validator == null)
                validator = GetValidatorForModel(serviceProvider, editContext.Model);

            var validationResults = await validator.ValidateAsync(context);

            messages.Add(fieldIdentifier, validationResults.Errors.Select(error => error.ErrorMessage));


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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

chrissaintycommented, Sep 27, 2019

We’re using this control at work and we validate many nested models without any issues. I’m not saying what you’re suggesting is wrong but I’m just trying to understand why you have an issue and we don’t. Thanks for providing a repro, I’ll take a look at this over the weekend and get back to you.

rblancacommented, Mar 23, 2023

same here…same issue .Net 7

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