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Allow pass onClose to Show method

See original GitHub issue

I’d like to pass onClose to Show method like win forms show dialog It will free programmers from handle subscribe/unsubscribe. Also it useful if any error was thown before unsubscribe Look like that: Modal.Show<MessageDialog>("Dance", parameters, onClose: ShowResult); I have prepared branch with this feature , but I can not push it, seems I have not rights. If you give me right, I will prepare pull request with feature and samples

Also I fixed bug (m.b blazor bug) If I show first modal then in onClose I show second modal with the same component type (but with another text), blazor do not refresh content inside modal window

Like this: Modal.Show<MessageDialog>("Dance", parameters, onClose: ShowResult); then

void ShowResult(ModalResult result)
        var parameters = new ModalParameters();
        parameters.Add("DialogParameters", new MessageDialog.DialogParameters()
            Message = result.Cancelled ? "User calcel process" : result.Data.ToString(),
            Buttons = new MessageDialog.ButtonType[] { MessageDialog.ButtonType.Ok }

        Modal.Show<MessageDialog>("Result", parameters);

to fix that in ModelService I made : var content = new RenderFragment(x => { x.OpenComponent(1, componentType); x.SetKey(Guid.NewGuid()); x.CloseComponent(); }); I added x.SetKey when build render fragment

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  • Created 4 years ago
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chrissaintycommented, Nov 20, 2019

That’s because you are trying to push directly to the repo and not raising a PR.

You have to fork the repo first and then raise a PR from your fork into this repo. Again, please have a read of the GitHub docs, here is a link to the article on forking.

troepolikcommented, Mar 2, 2020

Yes, If you can implement this API with awaitable result, it will resolve the problem too

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