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[Feature Request] Refresh button

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Good morning, first of all thanks for your work and your dedication.

I’m looking for a suitable way to refresh the contents of a modal window.

I’m thinking to a method that “remembers” also the options and parameters which were used to open the modal the first time.

In this moment I’m canceling the modal than I reopen it. [edit]The following code is present in the component displayed in the modal[/edit]

<button class="btn btn-info" @onclick="() => RefreshTicketDetails()">Refresh</button>

    protected async Task RefreshTicketDetails()
        await BlazoredModal.CancelAsync();

        var options = new ModalOptions
            Class = "blazored-prompt-modal",
            OverlayCustomClass = "custom-modal-overlay"

        var parameters = new ModalParameters();
        parameters.Add(nameof(MyComponent.fstPar), TheFstPar);
        parameters.Add(nameof(MyComponent.sndPar), TheSndPar);
        parameters.Add(nameof(MyComponent.nthPar), TheNthPar);

        Modal.Show<MyComponent>("MyTytle", parameters, options);

It works. If there aren’t other ways to reach my scope, well, I’ve a solution, but I’m wondering if you can implement a cleaner way to do it.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:9 (5 by maintainers)

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chrissaintycommented, Jul 30, 2021

No worries. It’s easy to get into a certain way to approach a problem. Happened to me more time than I’d care to remember 🙂.

As there is nothing to do here I’m going to close this issue.

Fragger5000commented, Jul 30, 2021

😃 right! I’m converting an old web app to blazor, I didn’t considered this optimization

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