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@bind-Value issue

See original GitHub issue

I am new to Blazor, so forgive me if this issue is not related to your control. I have a Blazor page and ViewModel. If I click on BlazoredTypeahead control, my list is displayed and filtered based on user input. This works great.

<BlazoredTypeahead SearchMethod="@ViewModel.SearchPeople"
    <SelectedTemplate Context="person">
        Please enter at least 3 characters to perform a search.
    <ResultTemplate Context="person">

in my ViewModel…

public Person EngineeringTeamLeader
    get => _engineeringTeamLeader;
        if (value == _engineeringTeamLeader)
        _engineeringTeamLeader = value;

        if (value != null)
            _concession.EngineeringTeamLeader = value.DisplayName;

When I load the page with an existing record, I set the EngineeringTeamLeader object, however this name does not appear in the BlazoredTypeahead control. If I give the control focus and navigate away from it, the EngineeringTeamLeader name will appear. So, its appears the control knows about it, but does not initially render it.

Windows OS: Win10 20H2 Visual Studio Pro Version 16.10.0 Preview 1.0 Blazor Server-side app using .Net 5.0

Any suggestions?



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  • Created 2 years ago
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jsummerlincommented, Apr 29, 2021

I hit the same issue and downgrading to 4.5.0 fixed it.

mjharwoodcommented, Apr 28, 2021

Downgrading the version 4.5.0. resolves my issue.

I’ve hit the same issue, and downgrading from 4.6.0 to 4.5.1 (and 4.5.0) resolved the problem.

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