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Invalid behavior for Dialog, Modal, Panel and Tooltip components and issue with Scrolling

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I am finding inconsistent and/or incorrect behavior with Dialog, Modal, Panel and Tooltip components, which in turn is creating issue for scrolling. BlazorFluentUI Version: I am using 5.7.5 but seeing the same behavior in 6.0.0 in the demo site. I recently migrated to 5.7.5 version and now I have started seeing these behavioral issues with above mentioned components.

Issue Description:

  • The Dialog, Modal, and Panel components are not freezing the background layer.
  • Scrollbar of the background layer is still visible when either of the components are opened.
  • This allows the background layer to be scrollable through freely while the any of the above three components are open.
  • As the scrollbar of the background layer is still visible, it overrides the visible scrollbar for Panel component when Panel component has its own scrollable content.
  • On the Tooltip component, when hovered over and after the tooltip opens, if we scroll the window, the Tooltip window/panel moves along with the mouse pointer
  • Also, there is an intermittent error with Tooltip window/panel, it gets stuck with the main window/panel layer and won’t disappear until the page/site is completely refreshed.

Components in demo site:

For comparing behaviors, please see their original counterparts i.e. react FluentUI components:

Note: I added the original counterparts to see the correct behavior but the BlazorFluentUI components were behaving correctly previously i.e. in older version, before I migrated to 5.7.5

I know this component library is now under low maintenance so I understand that the updates/fixes are going to be rare but I would really like to see this get fixed or at least get some kind of temporary work around solution for this, which I can add it on my end. I’d really appreciate it if someone can help with this issue.

Please let me know in case any additional information is needed. Thank you

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  • Created 2 years ago
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vnbaaijcommented, Nov 12, 2021

v5,7,6 is available on NuGet now

vnbaaijcommented, Nov 12, 2021

@makmilind You should definitely upgrade to .NET 6 as soon as possible. You will get free performance upgrade across the board and .NET 5will go out of support in about 6 months time. .NET 6 is a Long Term Support (LTS) release. If you are seeing a lot of errors, then there is something wrong in you project probably. It should be mostly backwards compatible.

I’ll see if can do a 5.7.6 release but that will definitely be the last release on .NET 5.

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