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Document setting up mock models with multiple rows

See original GitHub issue

Currently the examples are very limited and it is not clear how one could have multiple rows in their mock data. Neither the readme nor the documentation seem to cover how that would be possible.

For example the below example only describes the usage of a single row

var UserMock = DBConnectionMock.define('users', {
		'email': '',
		'username': 'blink',
		'picture': 'user-picture.jpg',
	}, {
		instanceMethods: {
			myTestFunc: function () {
				return 'Test User';

Whereas directly below we have a WHERE example which is completely unclear on how to actually reproduce. This is because there is neither information on adding multiple rows, nor is the example condition and fields valid for the above row.

	where: {
		username: 'my-user',
}).then(function (user) {
	// `user` is a Sequelize Model-like object
	user.get('id');         // Auto-Incrementing ID available on all Models
	user.get('email');      // ''; Pulled from default values
	user.get('username');   // 'my-user'; Pulled from the `where` in the query
	user.myTestFunc();      // Will return 'Test User' as defined above

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

andrewsteadcccommented, Jun 4, 2019

Took me a few hours to find but I found $queueResult aswell. My implementation for my test was like this:

jest.mock('./../../models/my_news_model', () => () => {
  var SequelizeMock = require('sequelize-mock');
  var dbMock = new SequelizeMock();
  var NewsModel = dbMock.define('news_model');
      id: 1,
      title: 'The Test Title',
      description: 'This is the news story',
      basemedia: "5cf5069bd8ad580bf03728a7.jpg",
      link: '',
      createdAt: '2019-06-03 13:13:45',
      updatedAt: '2019-06-03 13:13:45'
      id: 2,
      title: 'The Test Title 2',
      description: 'This is the news story 2',
      basemedia: "5cf5069bd8ad580bf03728a72.jpg",
      link: '',
      createdAt: '2019-06-02 13:13:45',
      updatedAt: '2019-06-02 13:13:45'
  return NewsModel;

There are still many unanswered questions, and this been the plug and play package I was hoping for is not the case

davidnguyen11commented, Mar 1, 2018

I met the same problem when init model with multiple records. I have tried to pass the data as an array, but the result from query was wrong. Does any way solve this?

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