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--stats output can not be redirect

See original GitHub issue

the following command creates a blank file py --stats "Blackheart's Bay.StormReplay" > output.txt

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  • Created 7 years ago
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WhatIsACorecommented, Jun 3, 2017

Here is the code block that controls the --stats flag in

    # Print stats
    if args.stats:

and here is the code for log_stats:

    def log_stats(self, output):
        for name, stat in sorted(self._event_stats.iteritems(), key=lambda x: x[1][1]):
            print >> output, '"%s", %d, %d,' % (name, stat[0], stat[1] / 8)

In short, when that argument is passed, a coded-in exception is thrown and nothing happens.

Compare this with the working code for the trackerevents flag, which actually reads the replay file and decodes the contents:

    # Print tracker events
    if args.trackerevents:
        if hasattr(protocol, 'decode_replay_tracker_events'):
            contents = archive.read_file('')
            for event in protocol.decode_replay_tracker_events(contents):
                logger.log(sys.stdout, event)

and you can see why this issue exists.

VashSancommented, Aug 21, 2017

I found out what “stats” actually does. And it works actually fine, however in another way you might think

Please Blizz: add this to the documentation! Without investigating the code you will never guess what happens here.

Explanation It works only together with one of the event parsing arguments. Test it like this: heroprotocol --trackerevents --stats "xxx.StormReplay"

It will then print (to the error stream as observed). Here a shortened example:

'NNet.Replay.Tracker.SUnitRevivedEvent':	[29, 5208]	
'NNet.Replay.Tracker.SUnitDiedEvent':	[2808, 834968]	
'NNet.Replay.Tracker.SPlayerSetupEvent':	[10, 1920]	
'NNet.Replay.Tracker.SScoreResultEvent':	[1, 140656]

That means it is not at all about game stats as displayed in the final screen. Its more about some internal stats of the event parser. I believe it is the number of events and the time it took to process, thats just a guess though.

Why is it printed to the error stream? Because it is no content of the actual replay, but generated values which can change (depending on heroprotocol version, in cas of fixes) and are for debugging or optimizing purpose maybe (check if the events processed match the real events in the game).

So you can still process the original output of the standard stream. And if really wanted you may get stats from error stream. No big deal. And for most of us pretty useless?

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