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'_gameloop' times being off?

See original GitHub issue

Im converting my sc2Reply to json and for the last SPlayerStatsEvent I am getting

    "m_playerId": 1, 
    "_eventid": 0, 
    "_event": "NNet.Replay.Tracker.SPlayerStatsEvent", 
    "_bits": 1312, 
    "_gameloop": 38911, 
    "m_stats": {
        "m_scoreValueVespeneUsedCurrentTechnology": 2925, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneFriendlyFireArmy": 0, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsFriendlyFireTechnology": 0, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsUsedCurrentEconomy": 12475, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneLostEconomy": 483, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsUsedCurrentArmy": 4700, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsKilledArmy": 12200, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneCollectionRate": 1478, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsUsedActiveForces": 4700, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsCollectionRate": 2525, 
        "m_scoreValueWorkersActiveCount": 72, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneUsedCurrentArmy": 3925, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneLostArmy": 1917, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsKilledEconomy": 5700, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsUsedCurrentTechnology": 8625, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneUsedInProgressArmy": 0, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsLostEconomy": 3563, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsCurrent": 39269, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsLostArmy": 3622, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneKilledArmy": 7900, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneKilledTechnology": 25, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneKilledEconomy": 0, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsUsedInProgressTechnology": 100, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsUsedInProgressArmy": 0, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsFriendlyFireArmy": 0, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneUsedActiveForces": 3925, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneCurrent": 21883, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsLostTechnology": 2139, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsUsedInProgressEconomy": 0, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsFriendlyFireEconomy": 0, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneUsedInProgressTechnology": 0, 
        "m_scoreValueFoodMade": 1134592, 
        "m_scoreValueMineralsKilledTechnology": 350, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneLostTechnology": 100, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneFriendlyFireEconomy": 0, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneUsedInProgressEconomy": 0, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneUsedCurrentEconomy": 0, 
        "m_scoreValueVespeneFriendlyFireTechnology": 0, 
        "m_scoreValueFoodUsed": 647168

I know that ladder games are at a faster speed (x1.4) than real time. However, when I load the same sc2Reply into, they are telling me the total game time is 29minutes 50seconds. No matter how I do the math I cannot get my game times to line up with theirs - so am I completely looking at this wrong or is their math off?

Here is the replay in question - Eastwatch LE (251).zip

Thanks for the support,

  • Nef

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  • Created 5 years ago
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KevinCalderonecommented, Apr 5, 2018

At “Normal” game speed, the game runs at 16 gameloops per second. At “Faster” game speed, it runs 40% faster. So the accurate number to divide by is likely (16 * 1.4) = 22.4.

amartin916commented, Apr 5, 2018

Good catch! I will update my code 😃

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