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Electrs not finishing hashes

See original GitHub issue

Server is running on AWS - m5a.xlarge, 4 CPU, 16GB RAM, SSD 1000GB; OS - Ubuntu 18, installed bitcoin core, run it as bitcoind -daemon

GIT pulled Blockstream Electrs, switched to branch, started the cargo with cargo run --release --bin electrs -- -vvvv --daemon-dir ~/.bitcoin --http-addr

Electrs was doing hashes for a long-long time, and once I experienced Ubuntu’s error ‘too many files open’, but fixed it successfully. Now, the last time I launched, Electrs wrote me to console:

TRACE - skipping block 00000000000000d41e5497f984517d27afcd85dad80277e7b7856418a72c7f69
TRACE - skipping block 00000000000005c35bbadf1bced112ddd3fff6e8e63575832bb3ba788889c866
TRACE - skipping block 000000000000025925f4fab2b7ebe729e7c7d483098863a7cd31bc5c773a5098
TRACE - fetched 0 blocks
DEBUG - writing 0 rows to RocksDB { path: "./db/mainnet/newindex/history" }, flush=Disable
TRACE - reading "/home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/blocks/blk00025.dat"
TRACE - parsing 134145055 bytes
TRACE - fetched 1383 blocks
TRACE - reading "/home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/blocks/blk00026.dat"
TRACE - parsing 134182236 bytes
TRACE - fetched 1345 blocks
TRACE - reading "/home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/blocks/blk00027.dat"
TRACE - parsing 134150531 bytes
TRACE - fetched 1290 blocks
TRACE - parsing 134189077 bytes
TRACE - reading "/home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/blocks/blk00028.dat"
TRACE - reading "/home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/blocks/blk00029.dat"
TRACE - parsing 134205573 bytes
TRACE - reading "/home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/blocks/blk00030.dat"
DEBUG - writing 1979996 rows to RocksDB { path: "./db/mainnet/newindex/history" }, flush=Disable
TRACE - parsing 134113675 bytes
TRACE - reading "/home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/blocks/blk00031.dat"
TRACE - fetched 1754 blocks
DEBUG - writing 1994881 rows to RocksDB { path: "./db/mainnet/newindex/history" }, flush=Disable
TRACE - parsing 134169607 bytes
TRACE - reading "/home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/blocks/blk00032.dat"
TRACE - fetched 1443 blocks

And that’s it. Nothing happens for more then an hour. I thought - “That’s it, everything works!”. Tried to make HTTP requests to server from internet (AWS SGs allow access to 3001 port) and from CLI to localhost itself, but receive this:

ubuntu@ip-172-61-11-224:~/electrs$ curl http://localhost:3001/blocks/tip/height
curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 3001: Connection refused

And, BTW, when Electrs run, it starts some stats server on port :4224. When I do a request to localhost:4224 I receive some data, that means that this part of Electrs works, but not the Electrs itself.

I’ve made everything by instruction, step by step. I receive no errors. What else have I forgot?

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  • Created 3 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Netzhanghengcommented, Aug 8, 2020

@shesek I used an HDD before.

I will try agin with an SDD. Thank you.

mrtiggles5commented, Jun 7, 2022

@shesek When you say that the second stage reads heavily do you mean that it reads heavily from the block .dat files or from /txstore?

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