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thread 'main' panicked at 'missing mempool tx feeinfo

See original GitHub issue


Our esplora instance crashed yesterday. Logs from electrs-bitcoin.log:

thread 'main' panicked at 'missing mempool tx feeinfo 8a1136da677c5a550f435de401cbda0f7df1783e19d6c81bd6b3ac38e5add286', src/libcore/
note: Run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` for a backtrace.
2019-04-17T02:28:58.056+00:00 - TRACE - stop accepting new RPCs
2019-04-17T02:28:58.057+00:00 - TRACE - closing 0 RPC connections
2019-04-17T02:28:58.057+00:00 - TRACE - waiting for 0 RPC handling threads
2019-04-17T02:28:58.057+00:00 - TRACE - RPC connections are closed
2019-04-17T02:28:58.057+00:00 - TRACE - RPC server is stopped
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE - Notifier::notify; id=0x7ff4680410b0
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE - submit to existing worker; idx=2; state=worker::State { lifecycle: Sleeping, is_pushed: true }
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE -     -> wakeup; idx=2
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE - found work while draining; signal_work
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE - signal_work -- wakeup; idx=3
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE - Task::run; state=Running
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - DEBUG - signal received, starting graceful shutdown
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE -     -> wakeup; idx=3
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE - Worker::sleep; worker=WorkerId(3)
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE -   sleeping -- push to stack; idx=3
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE -     -> starting to sleep; idx=3
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE - deregistering handle with poller
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - DEBUG - dropping I/O source: 0
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE -     -> task complete
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE - task complete; state=pool::State { lifecycle: ShutdownNow, num_futures: 0 }
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE -   -> shutting down workers
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE -     -> wakeup; idx=3
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE - shutting down thread; idx=2
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE -     -> wakeup; idx=1
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE - shutting down thread; idx=3
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE - shutting down thread; idx=1
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE -     -> wakeup; idx=0
2019-04-17T02:28:58.058+00:00 - TRACE - shutting down thread; idx=0
2019-04-17T02:28:58.059+00:00 - TRACE - event Readable Token(4194303)
2019-04-17T02:28:58.059+00:00 - DEBUG - loop process - 1 events, 0.000s
2019-04-17T02:28:58.059+00:00 - DEBUG - shutting background reactor on idle
2019-04-17T02:28:58.059+00:00 - DEBUG - background reactor has shutdown

I have a sub-question: After the restart (at 02:29), it re-downloaded the 571968 block headers and the pre-caching process took about 3 hours and a half. Esplora came back fully working at 06:00. Is it normal to redownload all the headers? Also, if I disable the pre-caching, what is the impact on usability?


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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

shesekcommented, Apr 23, 2019

The root cause is still not entirely clear to me, but should prevent the daemon from crashing when that happens.

How large is your bitcoind mempool configured to be (maxmempool)?

shesekcommented, Jun 22, 2019

@Kexkey #76 was implemented, it should no longer re-download all the headers on startup.

I’m closing this issue for now, please report back if you’re running into this again.

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