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Upstream on port 3000 not listening

See original GitHub issue

Hi, I’ve been running Esplora for 2 weeks with Docker. Bitcoin Core sync’ed quickly since I already had the data. Electrs then started working hard but has been using only around 1% of the CPU for several days.

I’m having a look at nginx logs in the container and I can see it’s trying to connect to the upstream but the connection is refused when I hit the server. Port 3000 is indeed not a listening port in the container, nor is it on the host.

2019/03/02 03:55:18 [error] 199#199: *224 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client:, server: , request: "GET /api/blocks/tip/height HTTP/1.1", upstream: "", host: "esplora-mainnet:8080", referrer: "http://esplora-mainnet:8080/"

Around 750GB of disk space is used on a total of 1TB.

I haven’t changed anything to the configs, except adding -vvv to the supervisord config to know what was going on.

2019-03-01T21:42:12.850+00:00 - DEBUG - Starting pre-cache for scripthash 26/10692
2019-03-01T22:48:43.007+00:00 - DEBUG - writing 1 rows to RocksDB { path: "/data/electrs_bitcoin_db/mainnet/mainnet/newindex/cache" }, flush=Enable
2019-03-02T00:39:57.217+00:00 - DEBUG - writing 1 rows to RocksDB { path: "/data/electrs_bitcoin_db/mainnet/mainnet/newindex/cache" }, flush=Enable
2019-03-02T02:15:11.364+00:00 - DEBUG - writing 1 rows to RocksDB { path: "/data/electrs_bitcoin_db/mainnet/mainnet/newindex/cache" }, flush=Enable
2019-03-02T02:15:11.373+00:00 - DEBUG - Starting pre-cache for scripthash 31/10692
2019-03-02T03:25:11.233+00:00 - DEBUG - writing 1 rows to RocksDB { path: "/data/electrs_bitcoin_db/mainnet/mainnet/newindex/cache" }, flush=Enable

It looks fine, I don’t see errors anywhere. When is electrs going to listen to port 3000?


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  • Created 5 years ago
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Kexkeycommented, Mar 4, 2019

Ok, I restarted from scratch with a brand new beast VM (the most powerful one on lunanode) and it’s now all good! Here are some stats (mainnet) for the record:

screen shot 2019-03-04 at 3 25 46 pm

Bitcoin Core syncing whole chain: 7 hours Electrs indexing: 9 hours RocksDB compaction: 1.5 hours Electrs pre-caching: 2 hours

Total cost to be up and running: around 10 CAD.

Now I’ll quickly copy the data on a reusable volume, destroy that monster VM and use data on a more reasonable VM. 😃


shesekcommented, Oct 14, 2020

Nice! 😃

I’m closing this issue for now, @Kexkey @benwilliams please report back if you’re still having issues.

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