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Read resources in a project using Resolvers logic

See original GitHub issue

Right now we use resolvers to resolve context and owl:imports.

We could think about providing a mechanism to resolve any arbitrary resource for the fetch API.


resource A (id1) --> org/project1 resource B (id2) --> org/project2

org/project2 has a cross project resolver pointing to org/project1. So basically, through org/project2 we are able to see everything in project org/project1.


We should be able to retrieve id1 through project2 even though it belongs to project1. The regular fetch API should work: /v1/resources/org/project2/_/id1

Note that this should only work for reads. We shouldn’t be able to perform any other operation accessing a resource indirectly.

This feature was requested by @MFSY and @genric

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umbreakcommented, May 17, 2019

We propose this endpoint for resolving resources using the resolution logic:

  • /v1/resolvers/{org}/{project}/_/{resourceId} -> resolves the {resourceId} against all the resolvers in the project
  • /v1/resolvers/{org}/{project}/{resolverId}/{resourceId} -> resolves the {resourceId} against the selected resolver {resolverId} in the project
  • /v1/resources/{org}/{project}/resolver/{resolverId}/{resourceId} -> resolves the {resourceId} against the selected resolver {resolverId} in the project

@genric and @MFSY are you fine with that?

genriccommented, May 3, 2019

@umbreak ok, in the time being we probably can do cross project query to get the id’s. But fetching by id, I think, should take into account only the available resolvers and no additional flags that you want to do cross project, otherwise we will set them all the time 😃. If you don’t want cross project => delete the resolver, at least this is my take on it now.

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