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myNodeBTC 0.2.12 Has Issue with LndHub

See original GitHub issue


Since the 0.2.12 upgrade of there have been issues with LndHub access. @tehelsper curates the distribution.

I have attached more extensive logs, but the effective error appears in this excerpt:

Jul 27 18:16:48 myNode lndhub[5191]: dfff1474-5f6d-405c-8545-444f060ea0b9 ::ffff: - - [27/Jul/2020:06:16:48 +0000] "GET /getuserinvoices?limit=200 HTTP/1.1" 200 1851 "-" "okhttp/3.12.1"
Jul 27 18:16:48 myNode lndhub[5191]: 2020-07-27T06:16:48.636Z : info: [] : ["e2c6800e-fb60-4098-9188-11b267b35301","error gettxs:","{\"result\":null,\"error\":{\"code\":-19,\"message\":\"Wallet file not specified (must request wallet RPC through /wallet/<filename> uri-path).\"},\"id\":\"528a4f72-9f3a-488c-bd3a-f9fefdea28ab\"}\n","userid:","6794f99768dc8a8de593ee8101d357cce35f2dcb12c07a28"]
Jul 27 18:16:48 myNode lndhub[5191]: e2c6800e-fb60-4098-9188-11b267b35301 ::ffff: - - [27/Jul/2020:06:16:48 +0000] "GET /gettxs HTTP/1.1" 200 2 "-" "okhttp/3.12.1"

It has been noted that

error\":{\"code\":-19,\"message\":\"Wallet file not specified (must request wallet RPC through /wallet/<filename> uri-path)

suggests bitcoind is not happy with some RPC call…

@tehelsper is happy to assist with any questions regarding the setup to manage LndHub’s launch and operation.

If there is any additional information you require please just ask.

EDIT. logs removed

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  • Created 3 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Overtormentcommented, Jul 30, 2020


HamishMacEwancommented, Jul 30, 2020

Yes, since the incorporation of Specter into the distribution (v0.2.11) I have had two wallets:

>>> listwallets

Which caused problems for joinmarket until the wallet was specified in bitcoin.config:

# Specter, joinmarket wallet resolution 
# Removed for temporary testing lndhub issues with "wallet selection" but unsuccessfully

Running the command you gave resulted in:

>>> listtransactions "*" 100500 0 true
error code: -19
error message:
Wallet file not specified (must request wallet RPC through /wallet/ uri-path).
Try adding "-rpcwallet=" option to bitcoin-cli command line.


So following your suggestion, but unable to find config.bitcoind.rpc I’ve extended the line in config.js to read:

rpc: 'http://mynode:[password]@'


Thank you @Overtorment. Buy you a beverage next time we meet online!

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