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Arabic and Persian scripts not rendered in italic

See original GitHub issue


De l’{{étyl|ar|fr|mot=طس|tr=tass|sens=[[coupe]], [[écuelle]]}}, lui-même, selon certains, [[emprunté]] au {{étyl|fa|fr|mot=تشت|tr=tašt|sens=tasse}}, [[soucoupe]], ce qui serait inexact selon {{w|Henri Lammens|Lammens}}. Les dérivés''تشت tašt'' et ''طست tast'', respectivement persan et arabe, sont du même radical « de haute antiquité » arabe: ''طس tas'''.

Here, arabic characters are well printed when they are handled by the étyl template. But when those characters are part of the “normal” text, their representation is broken. I mean:

# OK
{{étyl|ar|fr|mot=طس|tr=tass|sens=[[coupe]], [[écuelle]]}}

''طس tas''

I will post a screenshot in coming days to demonstrate the issue.

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:14 (6 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

lasconiccommented, Feb 4, 2021

I could detect a few:

added the following in parse_word in and ran --render

    regex = r"<i>[^<]*([\u0627-\u064a]+)[^<]*</i>"
    def check_arabic(definition: str):
        matches = re.findall(regex, definition)
        if matches:
            print("####ERROR arabic in italic in definition :" + word, flush=True)
            print(definition, flush=True)
            print(matches, flush=True)
    for definition in definitions:
        if isinstance(definition, tuple):
            for subdef in definition:
                if isinstance(subdef, tuple):
                    for subsubdef in subdef:
    if etymology:
        matches = re.findall(regex, etymology)
        if matches:
            print("####ERROR arabic in italic in etymology :" + word, flush=True)
            print(etymology, flush=True)
            print(matches, flush=True)
BoboTiGcommented, Feb 3, 2021

--gen-dict is a killer feature, what an idea! 😃

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