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Keep the whole etymology

See original GitHub issue


python -m scripts --locale="fr" --get-word="bath" 


bath \bat\ (m.) 

(Adjectif, nom 1) (1846) Origine discutée : 

  1. (Argot) (Désuet) Super ; bon ; agréable.
  2. Papier à lettre de provenance anglaise, de belle qualité, qui a joui d’une grande vogue au XIXème siècle.
  3. Mesure des liquides chez les Hébreux, valant 18,08 litres puis plus tard environ 38,88 litres.

The etymology is clearly truncated. It has a sublist and even a second etymology.

Not a big priority, I just opened the issue to keep the track.

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lasconiccommented, Apr 27, 2021

The PR is in. It doesn’t cover all languages. I believe it’s complete for french (except if there are subsublist…) and it improves en and pt.

lasconiccommented, Apr 28, 2021

Great ! Thanks !

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