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Decrease memory needs

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I have a simple RTX 2060, with 6gb, is that possible to run on it? I’m testing with the tanksandtample data, but its complaining of gpu memory.

but if I decrease the resolution in the arguments bwhen running its seems to doesnt make difference. If I change the ndepth it does work, to a certain point, as it complains

RuntimeError: The size of tensor a (3) must match the size of tensor b (4) at non-singleton dimension 2

I think the problem is because the training checkpoint provided was trained using the default depths 48,32,8

So in the and I cant run the tests. Is there another way? Thanks a lot.

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Ma5oniccommented, Oct 2, 2022

No problem! I’m glad that I could help 😃

carlosedubarretocommented, Sep 29, 2022

Thans a lot for the answer. I just found out a way to run on my 6gb card. decrease the max_h/max_w size and the numdepth

This one works for me python --numdepth 128 --max_h 512 --max_w 512

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