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a big tooltip in b-table blinks

See original GitHub issue

I use several tootltips in my tables. They seemed to work ok but I have realised that sometines, when the tooltip is big and it goes down more than the table size, it blinks constantly and it is imposible to see the tootltip…

I am using the last version of vue and boostrap.

the code of the tootltip

  <template slot="title" slot-scope="data">
             <div v-b-tooltip.hover :title="data.item.description"> {{ data.item.title }} </div>

I have also tested it with the tag em instaead of div

the definition of the tabla

  <b-table striped hover responsive


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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:9 (4 by maintainers)

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tmorehousecommented, Nov 26, 2018

Is possible that something is causing your table data to be redrawn/repainted, which might cause the tooltip to disappear and reappear quickly?

Have you tried using the component version of tooltip instead of the directive version?

It also could be a Popper.js issue dealing with calculating the tooltip position in a deeply nested table.

Could you try adding the class position-static (or position-relative) to your div with the tooltip on it?

iruizeguilazcommented, Jan 7, 2019

ok, thanks for the advice fopr the future but as I said in a previous comment I could handled the problem by using v-b-tooltip.html.right --> in this way the tooltip does not blinck. It is ok right now in my production environtment so I prefer not chaging anything that is working 😃 Maybe I should have clossed this post when I put that comment, should’t I?

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