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Bootstrap-Vue V2.0.0-rc.12 Tracker

See original GitHub issue

This issue is for tracking progress of the next release of Bootstrap-Vue.

We will be updating this list as PRs are added/merged.

If you have bug reports or feature requests, please open a new issue rather than comment here.

New Features

  • Use Bootstrap V4.3 SCSS
  • b-modal Allow multiple modal’s opened at once (stacked) (PR #2167)
  • b-table Add support for selectable rows (PR #2260, closes #1790)
  • b-form-checkbox and b-form-checkbox-group Bootstrap V4.2 switch style checkboxes (PR #2293)
  • b-spinner New Bootstrap V4.2 component (PR #2306)
  • Migrate CSS to SCSS for custom styles and theming support (PR #2221) Big thanks to @jackmu95!


  • b-alert add fade prop and fade animation CSS (PR #1785, #2205)
  • b-card new helper sub-components b-card-title, b-card-sub-title and b-card-text (PR #2375)
  • b-carousel added support for swipe left/right on touch screens (PR #2409, closes #2358)
  • b-dropdown add dropleft and drop right support (PR #2117)
  • b-dropdown make show and hide events cancelable (PR #1807)
  • b-dropdown added support for link/router-link and ‘variant’ in split button mode (PR #2301, Closes #1960)
  • b-dropdown added support for form controls and free flow text (PR #2434)
  • b-dropdown and b-navbar-item-dropdown use provide and inject for sub items to control closing dropdown (PR #2431)
  • b-form-input implement bootstrap v4.1 custom range input (PR #2122, #2120)
  • b-form-texarea incorporate optional formatter (PR #2111)
  • b-form-invlaid-feedback and b-form-valid-feedback add support for tooltip style (PR #2188)
  • b-form-radio and b-form-checkbox switch to use provide and inject for better detection of grouping (PR #2241)
  • b-form-group support multiple breakpoint label column sizes and alignment (PR #2258, Closes #2230, #1973)
  • b-list-group add support responsive horizontal list-groups (PR #2536)
  • b-modal new v4.2 xl size
  • b-modal add support for scrollable modal content (PR #2535)
  • b-progress & b-progress-bar use provide and inject for inter component communication (PR #2540)
  • b-table use SCSS and bootstrap variables for defining stacked table breakpoints
  • b-table improved codebase for filtering, sorting, and pagination (PR #2149, fixes #1517, #1989)
  • b-table add contextmenu event on rows (PR #2064)
  • b-table add row uncovered event (PR #1874)
  • b-table allow sorting on nested object properties (PR #1868)
  • b-table support row arbitrary classes (PR #1797, fixes #1705)
  • b-table introduce option table-busy slot for use loading message and/or spinners, etc (PR #2196, Closes #1859)
  • b-table no longer need to add .stop modifier on click events inside data or head scoped slots to prevent head-clicked or row-clicked emitting (PR #2214)
  • b-table add borderless style prop (PR #2300)
  • b-table add support for transitions on <tbody> element (PR #2450, Closes #1821)
  • b-tabs active tabs dynamically via active prop and public methods (PR #2442)
  • b-popover include directive in component plugin (PR #2115)
  • b-tooltip include directive in component plugin (PR #2116)


  • security: strip script tags from html injected into elements (PR #2134, fixes #1974, #1665)
  • auto id: ensure reactivity of auto generated id and apply only after mount() (PR #2161, fixes #1978)
  • b-button, b-dropdown, and b-link: fix various interrelated issues and aria (PR #2159, fixes #1814, #1817)
  • b-dropdown support links (and other tags) as trigger elements (PR #1929)
  • b-dropdown better no-caret option using SCSS (PR #2136, fixes #1473)
  • b-dropdown-item fix click event handling bug in Safari (PR #2252)
  • b-dropdown-item-button Add support for active state (PR #2212)
  • b-card and sub component render issues with undefined slots (PR #2125, fixes #2062)
  • b-card add support for left and right image placement (PR #1981)
  • all form controls: allow attribute form to be applied to custom inputs (PR #2172, fixes #2154)
  • all form controls: fix state prop when set to empty string (PR #2167, fixes #2166)
  • b-form-input bugfixes (PR #2100, #2204)
  • b-form-input attach native event listeners (PR #1873)
  • b-form-file allow input to be reset by clearing v-model (PR #2170)
  • b-form-file customize browse button text (PR #2168, fixes #2143)
  • b-form-file fix faulty drag and drop event handlers (PR #2169)
  • b-form-select fire change event after input (PR #2207, Fixes #1772)
  • b-form-select remove interim classes needed for bootstrap v4.0.x (PR #2265, Closes #1896)
  • b-form-textarea bugfixes (PR #2111)
  • b-form-textarea attach native listeners (PR #2111)
  • b-input-group styling fix for dropdowns, radios, and checks (PR #2118, fixes #2114, #1560)
  • b-list-group-item default button type to button for button action items (PR #2194, Fixes #2192)
  • b-modal add content class prop (PR #1961, fixes #1950)
  • b-modal optimize reset Scrollbar routine (PR #1837, fixes #1831)
  • b-modal handle enforce focus when modal in stacked (multiple opened) mode (PR #2211, fixes #2175)
  • b-modal ability to disable stacking mode (PR #2259)
  • b-modal handle edge cases where model programatically show and hidden in rapid succession (PR #2270, Fixes #2236)
  • b-pagination & b-pagination-nav add slots for bookend buttons and ellipsis (PR #1980)
  • b-pagination & b-pagination-nav v-model active class fix + keypress click fix (PR #2299, Fixes #1985, #1629, Closes: #1891)
  • b-table return empty string for undefined cell data (PR #2139, fixes #1502)
  • b-table fix stacked breakpoints to match latest Bootstrap V4.1 css (PR #1933)
  • b-table preserve attributes aria-rowcount and aria-describedby if provided (PR #2195, Fixes #1801)
  • b-table Emit v-model input event only when computedItems changes (PR #2254, Closes #2231)
  • b-table handle edge cases for clearing selected rows (PR #2267)
  • b-tabs Better reactivity of tab title slots (PR #2442)


  • enhanced component reference for sub components (PR #2132)
  • fix live example (v-play) console errors during live edits (PR #2176)
  • fix playground hangs on template & code errors (PR #2177, #2193, #2197, fixes #1843)
  • Use babel-standalone` in playground and v-play to allow most es6 examples to work in older browsers (PR #2286, #2294)
  • playground now supports render functions
  • document vue-loader v15 changes
  • vee-validate examples (PR #1938, #1889 , fixes #1270)
  • Vue-cli v3 usage documentation (PR #2323, Closes #2096, #1946)
  • various documentation fixes and updates

Unit Testing

  • Use vue-test-utils for component testing (on some components)

Postponed until later release

New Features

  • b-toast (and b-toaster) Bootstrap V4.2 toast component (may wait for BS V4.2 to be released)
  • Use portal-vue for tooltips/popovers and modals, as well as toasts (needs Portal-Vue 2.0 when available)


  • b-table optional sorting and filtering of formatted and scoped slot item fields (when local sorting or local filtering only)
  • b-navbar b-collapse b-bavbar-toggle use provide and inject to auto-associate toggle to collapse
  • b-modal scoped/parameterized modals
  • b-popover and b-tooltip add support for custom class on root tip/pop element (wait on revamp of popover/tooltip/modal/toast)



Unit testing

  • Use vue-test-utils for component testing


  • Webpack template updates to use latest Vue/Boostrap-Vue/Bootstrap

Issue Analytics

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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Reactions:26
  • Comments:28 (24 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

tmorehousecommented, Feb 14, 2019

BoostrapVue v2.0.0-rc.12 has been released today!

pi0commented, Feb 14, 2019

@jsancho-gpl today 👼

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