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Migrate from `stream` to asyncIterators

See original GitHub issue

Feature Request Migrate from node.js’s stream library to asyncIterators. This would roughly look like this:


function parse (input) {
  input.on('data', handleData) // requires nodeJS-like streams


async function parse (input){
    // can be lazy functions returning streams
    if (typeof input === 'function') input = input()
    for await (const data of input){

Why this is nice:

  • drops the node only dependencies
  • reduces package size
  • allows for input to be ANYTHING which has an async iterator [node.js streams have async iterators, but the user can also implement their own async data iterators]
  • allows for the library to be ran natively on any platform [node, deno, bun, browser] without transpiling
  • doesn’t require any browser specific library

example usage of this kind of implementation in node.js:

import { parse } from 'music-metadata'
const filestream = fs.createReadStream('./song.mp3')

const result = await parse(filestream)

example usage in browser:

import { parse } from 'music-metadata'
import 'fast-readable-async-iterator'

const filestream =

const result = await parse(filestream)

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

ThaUnknowncommented, Aug 5, 2022

some examples of me using async iterators instead of streams: joins multiple streams into one converts blobs and web streams into node streams creates async iterators from web streams

ThaUnknowncommented, Sep 10, 2022

I had a look to the examples and code, and I honestly fail to see the added value.

the benefit is compatibility with node and browser in one repo, without polyfills, smaller bundle size and higher speeds

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