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Sorting Performance

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Picking up from #366 what do you recommend for sorting? On my end, at least with the code I wrote, sorting is way slower than the initial rendering. I tried two approaches.

Approach 1: Sorts array then refresh with $.observable(array).refresh(sorted);

Approach 2: Iterate array and move items around as we sort using $.observable(array).move(...)

Not sure if there’s any other way to sort. 🤔

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BorisMoorecommented, Feb 25, 2017

I plan to provide for async deferred data-linking after V1. See

BorisMoorecommented, Feb 24, 2017

With the new update I am working on (84) Approach 1 will no longer involve any calls to cleanData, and will simply shuffle the tr’s (and update #index properties etc.).

I just tested it in Chrome with your full data, and I get: 2.17 seconds initial render 1.54 seconds sort

(Sorting on City):

var sorted = model.Entries.slice().sort(function(a, b) {
  return a.f2.value.localeCompare(b.f2.value);

Approach 2 will work fine too, but Approach 1 in fact uses .move() internally - so for you Approach 1 is simpler.

If you are interested you can try with my current working copy here:

But bear in mind it is not yet full tested, and there is some work in progress within it, in other areas. Also some breaking changes, so you may not be able to run with it without the documented changes…

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