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File Drag & Drop Support?

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I am using this crate via neutrino for a Windows-specific desktop app and in need of file drag & drop support. I don’t know much about WinAPI stuff, but looked some things up: can it be as easy as implementing UI_GetDropTarget() function?

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  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:10 (2 by maintainers)

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zxeycommented, Oct 15, 2019

Hi, it would definitely need to be implemented in all three platforms we support. I’ve considered that maybe we could switch to winit for windowing, so we do not have to maintain separate windowing code but even winit does not have drag & drop implemented (see rust-windowing/winit#720). It will probably be difficult to get right for all the platforms, but maybe we can start with Windows as a prototype first?

EDIT: Oh, it seems that winit has some basic drop file support.

PfisterFactorcommented, Feb 27, 2020

My application needs to listen for file system events on the file dragged into the application, so direct access to the full path is needed. So I still think that this would be a useful feature to implement within Webview rather than just the JavaScript api. There might be some way to implement file system notifications within JavaScript, but it seems a hacky workaround.

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