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Two-way bindings between Webview and Rust Yew

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How can i call the invoke_handler from a Yew application? I want to communicate between Yew and Webview. I already tried adding javascript to Yew through stdweb and then calling external.invoke("foo"). But this doesn’t work.

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hobofancommented, May 3, 2020

I also took a stab at it (taking a lot of inspiration from the discussed approach): (also available on

A few notable points:

  • On the yew-side, I packaged the core logic into a service, which I think is a bit more of a idiomatic approach for yew
  • How the user wants to handle their “shared” message types is left up to them
  • The communication logic internally uses a Message wrapper type which carries a subscription_id and message_id, which allows for association of responses to their initial messages (this is handled by the service)
  • When you use .send_message from yew, it returns a MessageFuture with the response from web-view (which can be used to trigger a component update with the included send_future helper).
mbuscemicommented, Apr 26, 2020

Putting this here for anyone who might find this in the future:

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