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Alexa Adapter - Session Attributes

See original GitHub issue


I would like to ask for clarification. In documentation Session Attributes, it isn’t quite clear if TurnContext parameters are mapped into Session Attributes automatically.

When bot gets request from Alexa then new attributes are added into TurnContext, like here: image

When this is send back to Alexa these parameters are not mapped into session attributes:

	"body": {
		"version": "1.0",
		"response": {
			"outputSpeech": {
				"type": "PlainText",
				"text": "TEXT_TO_SPEECH"
			"card": {
				"type": "Standard",
				"title": "TITLE",
				"text": "TEXT",
				"image": {
					"smallImageUrl": "https://....................jpg",
					"largeImageUrl": "https://....................jpg"
			"directives": [],
			"shouldEndSession": true,
			"type": "_DEFAULT_RESPONSE"
		"sessionAttributes": {}

Does it means that I need to add code to map parameters from TurnContext and then it will be added as to Session Attributes? My first thought was that all TurnContext parameters are mapped automatically. Could you please clarify?


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mwnowickicommented, Jun 18, 2019


Yes, I’m using Virtual Assistant template which uses OnTurnAsync. Solution for this problem was to run “SaveChangesAsync” on states objects:

await _conversationState.SaveChangesAsync(turnContext, false, cancellationToken);
await _userState.SaveChangesAsync(turnContext, false, cancellationToken);


mwnowickicommented, Jun 27, 2019

Hi @BeigeBadger

Please download source code for ‘RouterDialog’ then you will see that this functionality is defined there. I made extension to that class but you can have a different solution based on your needs.


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