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Twillio WhatsApp Adapter Microsoft botframework

See original GitHub issue

I cannot seem to find the problem with linking a microsoft bot to whatsapp via Twilio.

I have followed instructions to setup the Twilio WhatsApp adapter.

I have implemented this on the standard echo bot for testing

// Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
// Licensed under the MIT License.

const dotenv = require('dotenv');
const path = require('path');
const restify = require('restify');

// This bot's main dialog.
const { TwilioWhatsAppAdapter } = require('@botbuildercommunity/adapter-twilio-whatsapp');

// Import required bot services.
// See to learn more about the different parts of a bot.
const { BotFrameworkAdapter } = require('botbuilder');

// This bot's main dialog.
const { EchoBot } = require('./bot');

// Import required bot configuration.
const ENV_FILE = path.join(__dirname, '.env');
dotenv.config({ path: ENV_FILE });
// Create HTTP server
const server = restify.createServer();
server.listen(process.env.port || process.env.PORT || 3978, () => {
    console.log(`\n${ } listening to ${ server.url }`);
    console.log('\nGet Bot Framework Emulator:');
    console.log('\nTo talk to your bot, open the emulator select "Open Bot"');

// Create adapter.
// See to learn more about how bots work.
const adapter = new BotFrameworkAdapter({
    appId: process.env.MicrosoftAppId,
    appPassword: process.env.MicrosoftAppPassword,
    channelService: process.env.ChannelService,
    openIdMetadata: process.env.BotOpenIdMetadata

const adapterSettings = {
    appId: process.env.MicrosoftAppId,
    appPassword: process.env.MicrosoftAppPassword

const twilioWhatsAppAdapterSettings = {
    accountSid: process.env.TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID, // Account SID
    authToken: process.env.TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN, // Auth Token
    phoneNumber: process.env.TWILIO_NUMBER, // The From parameter consisting of whatsapp: followed by the sending WhatsApp number (using E.164 formatting)
    endpointUrl: process.env.TWILIO_ENDPOINT_URL // Endpoint URL you configured in the sandbox, used for validation

const whatsAppAdapter = new TwilioWhatsAppAdapter(

// Catch-all for errors.
const onTurnErrorHandler = async (context, error) => {
    // This check writes out errors to console log .vs. app insights.
    // NOTE: In production environment, you should consider logging this to Azure
    //       application insights.
    console.error(`\n [onTurnError] unhandled error: ${ error }`);

    // Send a trace activity, which will be displayed in Bot Framework Emulator
    await context.sendTraceActivity(
        'OnTurnError Trace',
        `${ error }`,

    // Send a message to the user
    await context.sendActivity('The bot encountered an error or bug.');
    await context.sendActivity('To continue to run this bot, please fix the bot source code.');

// Set the onTurnError for the singleton BotFrameworkAdapter.
adapter.onTurnError = onTurnErrorHandler;

// Create the main dialog.
const myBot = new EchoBot();

// Listen for incoming requests.'/api/messages', (req, res) => {
    adapter.processActivity(req, res, async (context) => {
        // Route to main dialog.
});'/api/whatsapp/messages', (req, res) => {
    console.log('req', req);
    whatsAppAdapter.processActivity(req, res, async (context) => {
        console.log('context', context);

        // Route to main dialog.

// Listen for Upgrade requests for Streaming.
server.on('upgrade', (req, socket, head) => {
    // Create an adapter scoped to this WebSocket connection to allow storing session data.
    const streamingAdapter = new BotFrameworkAdapter({
        appId: process.env.MicrosoftAppId,
        appPassword: process.env.MicrosoftAppPassword
    // Set onTurnError for the BotFrameworkAdapter created for each connection.
    streamingAdapter.onTurnError = onTurnErrorHandler;

    streamingAdapter.useWebSocket(req, socket, head, async (context) => {
        // After connecting via WebSocket, run this logic for every request sent over
        // the WebSocket connection.

Here is our configuration for BotFrameworkAdapterSettings:


Here is the configuration in Twilio dashboard: image

Here is the configuration in Twilio Whatsapp dashboard: image

Here is the error we are getting in Twilio Debugger dashboard: image

Could you please let me know if I am missing something in my configuration / implementation ? Thanks.

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  • Created 3 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

iMicknlcommented, Jun 15, 2020

@nboussarsaracn great to hear! And by now, you should also have improved your debugging experience on Azure App Service a little bit. In the Application folder with different logfiles, you should also be able to find some of the errors you experienced before.

nboussarsaracncommented, Jun 15, 2020

Hi @iMicknl, I changed it to the Whatsapp Number provided by Twilio and now it works like charm 😃 Thank you for the support!

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