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Reusing S3 Connection in Threads

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I am attempting an upload of files to S3 using concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor in AWS Lambda. This is a sample of my code:

from concurrent import futures

def my_lambda(event, context):
    def upload_to_s3(file, key):
        s3.Bucket(MY_BUCKET).upload_file(file, key)

    with futures.ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=1000) as executor:
        todo = []
        for f in files:
            future = executor.submit(upload_to_s3, f, key)

        results = []
        for future in futures.as_completed(todo):
            res = future.result()

It seems all the files do get upload to S3, but there doesn’t seem to be any time improvement over a sequential upload. I am also getting these logs in CloudWatch:

Connection pool is full, discarding connection:

Did some research and according to this article it is not possible to reuse the connection to S3 since boto3 isn’t thread-safe.

Would like to know if this is indeed correct and if there is a solution to this?

Possibly related: #1128

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boarikcommented, Jul 4, 2019

@JordonPhillips Is there some documentation that describes boto3 S3 client thread safety?

I can only find this about the thread safety, and it isn’t explicit about the thread safety.

This link refers to resources rather than clients. Each resource has a meta attribute which holds a boto client under the hood. It sounds to me that the resource holds additional information which makes it thread unsafe, while the client itself might be thread safe. @JordonPhillips Can you please elaborate?

jsyrjalacommented, Sep 20, 2018

@JordonPhillips Is there some documentation that describes boto3 S3 client thread safety?

I can only find this about the thread safety, and it isn’t explicit about the thread safety.

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