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IPFS data spec update: schema_name and schema_version

See original GitHub issue


I suggest adding two new fields to the IPFS JSON for

  • schema_name: the name of the schema that is being used. (example: bounties_network, gitcoin )
  • schema_version: the version of the schema that is being used (ex: 0.1, 0.11, 1.0)


formalizing these two fields would recognize the business case reality that different bounty networks are likely to have different use cases and thereby, different metadata they need to store about the bounties.

by recognizing this implicit fact explicitly, different implementers of the bounties network:

  1. can have different JSON metadata formats (instead of trying to all work around one format).
  2. could formalize their JSON formats explicitly, allowing more easy management of said formats.
  3. can manage the versioning of their formats as their business needs evolve.
  4. ingestion of bounties across networks becomes easier because there is documentation of each networks presumed metadata.

suggested next steps

  1. accept schema_name / schema_version as standard parts of the IPFS json
  2. publish samples of both the bounties_factory and gitcoin formats to this repo
  3. define and publish documentation on required fields for each schema (title, description, sourceFileHash, etc).
  4. maintain those specifications over time as our business needs evolve.

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:26

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

mbeylincommented, Jan 23, 2018

Adding in tokenAddress and tokenName now. I think however we should change it to tokenSymbol instead, since what we’re showing isn’t actually the longer form name, but in fact the symbol (right?)

Also i think having optional fields in the same place as the main payload simplifies things. If platforms add extra fields it won’t step on anyone’s toes.

mbeylincommented, Feb 21, 2018

taken care of in #23

Read more comments on GitHub >

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