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Output: final newline / "old line"

See original GitHub issue

With the following output there are some problems:

  1. what does old line mean? Should be removed or replaced with some more descriptive message (in verbose mode only?)
  2. it is missing a final newline - as you can see since Zsh prints timing information in the same line
  3. it displays “1484 out of 133”, i.e. the count / total appears to be off. It would be good to see what it refers to (mutations? files?)
% mutmut --use-coverage --runner 'python -m pytest testing/' src/_pytest/
Running tests without mutations... Done
Using coverage data from .coverage file
--- starting mutation ---
FAILED: mutmut src/_pytest/ --apply --mutation "        return self.fspath, None, \"\"⤑0"
old line
FAILED: mutmut src/_pytest/ --apply --mutation "            cache = self.config.__dict__.setdefault(\"_bestrelpathcache\", {})⤑0"
FAILED: mutmut src/_pytest/ --apply --mutation "                fspath = cache[location[0]]⤑0"                  
FAILED: mutmut src/_pytest/ --apply --mutation "                fspath = cache[location[0]]⤑1"
FAILED: mutmut src/_pytest/ --apply --mutation "                fspath = self.session.fspath.bestrelpath(location[0])⤑0"
FAILED: mutmut src/_pytest/ --apply --mutation "                fspath = self.session.fspath.bestrelpath(location[0])⤑1"
FAILED: mutmut src/_pytest/ --apply --mutation "                cache[location[0]] = fspath⤑0"
FAILED: mutmut src/_pytest/ --apply --mutation "                cache[location[0]] = fspath⤑1"
FAILED: mutmut src/_pytest/ --apply --mutation "            location = (fspath, location[1], str(location[2]))⤑0"
1484 out of 133  (src/_pytest/             self._location = location⤑0)                         mutmut --use-coverage --runner 'python -m pytest testing/'   341.91s user 16.20s system 98% cpu 6:02.87 total

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:11 (10 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

boxedcommented, Nov 18, 2018
  1. Probably. It seems a bit messy due to the way I handle the dict synonyms option though, I might just only support that via the config file or maybe store it in the cache? Hmm… I’ll have to think about it a bit, but in general it seems a lot nicer, I just didn’t find it in the docs when I was implementing this.
  2. I guess. You can just pull up another terminal and print the results during execution.
  3. I see you figure it out 😛
  4. Name? What do you mean? I don’t really have names and I don’t see how that would help much if I did…
  5. Embarrasing! I’ll fix that in 1.0.1 😛

I’ll fix the missing newline at the end in 1.0.1 too.

boxedcommented, Mar 1, 2019

Fixed again 😛 Thanks for the bug report.

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