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UTF-8 emoji icons fail to display in a Pycharm 2019.2.1 terminal in windows

See original GitHub issue

This was created on a windows 10 environment with Pycharm 2019.2.1.

Running mutmut in the Pycharm native terminal fails to render the emojis indicating killed 🎉, suspicious 🤔, and surviving 🙁 mutants.

For example:

(venv) >mutmut run --paths-to-mutate my_project

- Mutation testing starting -

These are the steps:
1. A full test suite run will be made to make sure we
   can run the tests successfully and we know how long
   it takes (to detect infinite loops for example)
2. Mutants will be generated and checked

Results are stored in .mutmut-cache.
Print found mutants with `mutmut results`.

Legend for output:
� Killed mutants.   The goal is for everything to end up in this bucket.
⏰ Timeout.          Test suite took 10 times as long as the baseline so were killed.
� Suspicious.       Tests took a long time, but not long enough to be fatal.
� Survived.         This means your tests needs to be expanded.

mutmut cache is out of date, clearing it...
1. Running tests without mutations

Maybe we should simply adopt a ASCII text based notation?

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:13 (9 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Zac-HDcommented, Jan 22, 2020

I just substituted the words killed, timeout, suspicious, survived. It’s not as pretty, but it is completely unambiguous.

cmarqucommented, Oct 1, 2019

FWIW, I’m on an oldish Red Hat 6 system where both xterm and gnome-terminal also have a (slightly different) problem with some of the emojis. Maybe instead of ⠙ 70/70 🎉 53 ⏰ 0 🤔 4 🙁 13 it could e.g. be 70/70 \o/ 53 -->| 0 :-? 4 :-( 13 with some coloring for those of us stuck with inferior environments?

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