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[SUGESTION] Remove NewsVine and more...

See original GitHub issue

I may be wrong but it seems NewsVine is no longer working.

Possible support for WhatsApp Web depends on browser detection (mobile / browser) see:

Strange error ( redirect Firefox, Opera, IE and Edge to mobile protocol [whatsapp://])

Based on detection: rewrite to (it’s work)

In some scenarios the “pop-up” may be blocked … maybe a “link” option is less blocking.

But this approach has its particularity in Firefox:

If is Firefox, append to <body> before trigger “click” Event

Add new services:

    name: 'G-Bookmarks',
    class: 'google',
    url: '{url}&title={title}&annotation={desc}&labels={tags}'
    name: 'Flattr',
    class: 'flattr',
    url: '{account_id}&url={url}&title={title}'
    name: 'EchoJS',
    class: 'echojs',
    url: '{url}&t={title}'
    name: 'Hacker News',
    class: 'hackernews',
    url: '{url}&t={title}'
     name: 'Mail',
     class: 'mail',
     url: '{title}&body={desc}'

Mobile options like Viber are only effective if they are launched in a “mobile” navigation … it does not make sense to be available in a “desktop” nagation because they will not lead anywhere (I think).

I did something derived … if you want to take a look:

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

subversivo58commented, Mar 23, 2018

I’m using Firefox 59 and the only thing I got was warnings about Instapaper’s own CSP policies, but I did not notice anything different from the service against Google Chrome (or Chromium that I also tested) … plus the CSP conflict warning only occurred in Firefox itself.


Let me know which FF version you tested?

Like Yahoo (, Gmail also has a call:{email_address}&su={title}&body={url}

Apparently view=cm defines: view = compose message … it is also possible to pass the parameters cc (Cc) and bcc (Cco) (optionally), the “to” parameter accepts not only one but a list comma separated

I found this reference in StackOverflow but I could not find anything in Gmail Api itself

Even with so many networks and existing channels the email is still very used … I will seek referrals from other popular email services (if there is interest)

HoldOffHungercommented, Mar 22, 2018

Hey hey,

RE: The new links…

Removed FriendFeed, added InstaPaper Source + tested-by-devs note (with notice about browser compatibility), and updated getPocket from save to edit (good catch on that one, I had to retest a few times before I really saw the issue).

RE: HTTPS, I would require it for anywhere personally-identifiable information is transferred. Digg has an interesting setup – they only allow login through 3rd party apps (like Google), and this transfer seems to be the only place where authentication happens (which forces it to be https at authentication time). It’s really not such a big cost to have this done, and the mathematics behind the authentication mechanism is sound.

Closing for now…let me know if you spot anything more! Always got my eye open.


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