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High Gamma Dataset Deep4Net results reproduction

See original GitHub issue

I cannot reproduce the results of the Deep4Net with the HGD.

The accuracy should be at around 90% (for subject 1). I am able to reproduce these results with the ShallowNet but not with the DeepNet. Is there anything special to the training, optimization, regularization, etc. of the DeepNet compared to the ShallowNet? @robintibor: any ideas?

I used the same hyperparameters as in the 2017 publication. The only thing I changed in both cases (ShallowNet and DeepNet) is that I used Conv2dWithContraint instead of Conv2d to add extra regularization:

class Conv2dWithConstraint(nn.Conv2d):
    def __init__(self, *args, max_norm=1, dim=0, **kwargs):
        self.max_norm = max_norm
        self.dim = dim
        super(Conv2dWithConstraint, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)

    def forward(self, x): = torch.renorm(
  , p=2, dim=self.dim, maxnorm=self.max_norm
        return super(Conv2dWithConstraint, self).forward(x)

The rest of the code below borrows from the BCICIV2a_example in this repository as well as from the original HGD repo.

Code is available at:

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robintiborcommented, Aug 3, 2022

Hm so hyperparams might be scattered among those files: / Since I cannot see them there, assume we used default learning rate (1e-3) and weight decay 0 for Adam.

In general though, I would recommend to rather try tuning the hyperparams with the new pipeline (training on all data and using cosine annealing), I would expect the overall result to be better.

martinwimpffcommented, Sep 16, 2022

Hi @bruAristimunha, I closed it by accident 😉 I ran some experiments today and got at least in the right range (86-87% overall accuracy). The gap to ShallowNet remains quite large (overall accuracy 93%). I think one would have to run some more experiments to get a really good configuration. But as we are in roughly the same range, I am okay with closing this issue.

If anyone finds a configuration, that matches the published results, feel free to share it here 😉

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