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Multiple elements at the same line

See original GitHub issue

Right now each new element (arrow or note) is drawn at a new ‘line’.

It might be neat to also allow multiple elements on one line - though it’ll probably be up to the user to make sure they don’t cause overlap.

This could be represented using indentation:

A->B: Broadcast trigger
B->A: Broadcast message
  B->C: Broadcast message
  Note right of C: Yay!
B->A: Delivery ack
  A                     B                     C
  |                     |                     |
  |  Broadcast trigger  |                     |
  | ------------------> |                     |
  |                     |                     |
  |  Broadcast message  |  Broadcast message  |
  | <------------------ | ------------------> | Yay!
  |                     |                     |
  |     Delivery ack    |                     |
  | <------------------ |                     |
  |                     |                     |

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  • State:open
  • Created 8 years ago
  • Comments:6 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

raboofcommented, Aug 25, 2015
A->B: Trigger broadcast
B->A: Broadcast message
=B->C: Broadcast message
=Note right of C: Yay
B->A: Ack broadcast


ensoniccommented, Jun 14, 2016

+1 I was looking for a way to have concurrent notes. At least those are not ambigous.

Maybe the start of a line can have a small dot.

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