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support being able to specify the path to the `.discharge.json` file

See original GitHub issue

It would be handy to have multiple .discharge.json files per project, and then choose which to use for the deploy command.

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fragosticommented, Nov 2, 2018

In the short term, we’d like to have a “staging” and “dogfood” bucket. In the longer term, we’d like to have a static deployment per branch. So basically the use-case is different environments / builds being deployed to different buckets.

fragosticommented, Nov 2, 2018

@brandonweiss it seems that all your scenarios assume that the goal long-term is to have one bucket / configuration, or to quickly test changes in a different bucket.

What I’d like is to have two different configuration files at all times, such to enable features like yarn deploy-dogfood and yarn deploy-staging. In our case, we may have slightly different bundles and slightly different index.html files we’d like to deploy to different buckets.

The complexity of this addition is basically negligible. It allows you to configure something that before was just a constant. Fortunately, the code is already written to handle this pretty well. It works the same by default.

I think S3 + Cloudfront is a perfectly reasonable place to host a front-end application.

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