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Unable to resolve dependencies

See original GitHub issue

When using


I’m unable to resolve any ai types.

If I switch to


instead, I get failures to resolve kotlin-bom

Unresolved dependency: 'org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-bom:jar:1.6.10'

Currently it seems impossible to use this project with the current pom setup. Do you have an example of an external project using kotlingrad where this works?

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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:8 (2 by maintainers)

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snowe2010commented, May 10, 2022

Ok, seeing something really weird. I wipe your artifact from my .m2 repo and then the gradle build works fine.

❯ rm -rf ~/.m2/repository/ai/

kotlingrad-consumer on  master [?] via ☕ v15.0.2 via 🅺 v1.6.21 on ☁️  (us-west-2)
❯ ./gradlew run

> Task :run
z(x, y)         = ((x) prod ((sub(sin((x) prod (y)))) sum (y))) prod (4.0)
z(0, 1)         = 0.0
∂z/∂x           = d(((x) prod ((sub(sin((x) prod (y)))) sum (y))) prod (4.0)) / d(x)
                = 4.0
∂z/∂y           = d(((x) prod ((sub(sin((x) prod (y)))) sum (y))) prod (4.0)) / d(y)
                = 0.0
∂²z/∂x²         = d(((x) prod ((sub(sin((x) prod (y)))) sum (y))) prod (4.0)) / d(y)
                = -8.0
∂²z/∂x∂y        = d(d(((x) prod ((sub(sin((x) prod (y)))) sum (y))) prod (4.0)) / d(x)) / d(y)
                = -8.0
∇z              = {x=d(((x) prod ((sub(sin((x) prod (y)))) sum (y))) prod (4.0)) / d(x), y=d(((x) prod ((sub(sin((x) prod (y)))) sum (y))) prod (4.0)) / d(y)}
                = [4.0, 0.0]ᵀ
t(x, y)         = (((d(d(((((1.0) sum ((x) prod (2.0))) sum (-3.0)) sum (y)) sum ((((x) prod ((sub(sin((x) prod (y)))) sum (y))) prod (4.0)) prod ((y).pow(-1.0)))) / d(y)) / d(x)) sum (((((x) prod ((sub(sin((x) prod (y)))) sum (y))) prod (4.0)) prod ((y).pow(-1.0))) prod (3.0))) sum (-2.0)) sum (sin(x))

2 actionable tasks: 1 executed, 1 up-to-date

As soon as I try to build using maven it fails. I believe this might be related to our nexus repository. I’ll get back to you in a bit.

snowe2010commented, May 13, 2022

Yes, Gradle can be quite difficult to use, though I do like it more than Maven for most use cases. Looking at your build.gradle though, it is quite complex, so I would expect some issues with that. I don’t completely understand everything you’re doing, especially with the git submodules and this shipshape library. I think most of the issues here are coming from your use of kotlin multiplatform. Have you tried following along with how a project like kotest does multiplatform?

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