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Auto-py-to-exe install fail

See original GitHub issue

I installed by pypi and clone from git. But it dose not launch.

Here is my error message on console

<gevent._socket3.socket at 0x4d62630 object, fd=1336, family=2, type=1, proto=0>: Invalid HTTP method: '\x16\x03\x01\x02\x00\x01\x00\x01ü\x03\x03ÑþèçÉ´+Ä©ÍâùÀöf8Ý\x1e\x9b\x8fÌ\x1f.\x7fº  ÷ÕÞNb Üå°þñw\x1a\x8b\xad\x13øðdzëc2\x13\x9a\x88íw\x93ÃçàOå\x8dD,¸\x00"\n'
637 INFO: - - [2020-04-30 14:13:47] "  üÑþèçÉ´+Ä©ÍâùÀöf8Ý›Ì.º  ÷ÕÞNb Üå°þñw‹­øðdzëc2šˆíw“ÃçàOåD,¸ "" 400 - 0.000000<gevent._socket3.socket at 0x4d626c0 object, fd=1340, family=2, type=1, proto=0>: Invalid http version: '\x16\x03\x01\x02\x00\x01\x00\x01ü\x03\x03¯íÏ\x06Yy^(ìá\x8cçYã9|/\x90F¢\x06\x13}\xa0\x9e\x9fÏ\x17Û\x1aéý tn\x15û\x12U\x07S\x83JlgüáØu>_³Ïs©biÍÈJL9\x8fN\x86\x00"ZZ\x13\x01\x13\x02\x13\x03À+À/À,À0̨̩À\x13À\x14\x00\x9c\x00\x9d\x00/\x005\x00\n'
638 INFO: - - [2020-04-30 14:13:47] "  ü¯íÏYy^(ìáŒçYã9|/F¢} žŸÏÛéý tnûUSƒJlgüáØu>_³Ïs©biÍÈJL9N† "ZZÀ+À/À,À0̨̩ÀÀ œ  / 5 " 400 - 0.000000<gevent._socket3.socket at 0x4d626c0 object, fd=1344, family=2, type=1, proto=0>: Invalid HTTP method: '\x16\x03\x01\x02\x00\x01\x00\x01ü\x03\x03\\\x1c¹¥\x13\x07õ\x85\x0f+JQ(ó3¹\x9fë2\x12\x8fIÉ~¸ø\x80A\x1eø\x1a§ ¬vX\x92¨n\x877Ù\x16è\x15\x12C\x95BnÑ\x13ËHDPIíh\x1d\x11\x03Uü6\x00"ÊÊ\x13\x01\x13\x02\x13\x03À+À/À,À0̨̩À\x13À\x14\x00\x9c\x00\x9d\x00/\x005\x00\n'
888 INFO: - - [2020-04-30 14:13:47] "  ü\¹¥õ…+JQ(ó3¹Ÿë2IÉ~¸ø€Aø§ ¬vX’¨n‡7ÙèC•BnÑËHDPIíhUü6 "ÊÊÀ+À/À,À0̨̩ÀÀ œ  / 5 " 400 - 0.000974Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\Truth\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\lib\site-packages\gevent\_ffi\", line 268, in python_check_callback
    def python_check_callback(self, watcher_ptr): # pylint:disable=unused-argument

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:5 (3 by maintainers)

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brentvollebregtcommented, Apr 30, 2020

I wasn’t meaning to install them, I was wanting to know if you had them pre-installed before you installed auto-py-to-exe or if the setup installed them when installing auto-py-to-exe.

PttCodingMancommented, Apr 30, 2020

It launched on my clean environment. Thanks.

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