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Typescript Definition

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I really want to use this library, but i can’t know how work with it. I trying to do a d.ts file to improve it use but i need some help to know what do with each method and what it receive as parameters. if somebody can help me, i’ll really apreciate it.

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3n-mbcommented, May 11, 2017

Have an update in restricting names of columns, named in foreignKeys:

	interface TableDefinition<Name extends string, Row> {
		name: Name;
		schema: string;
		columns: {[CName in keyof Row]: ColumnDefinition<CName, Row[CName]>};
		isTemporary?: boolean;
		foreignKeys?: {
			table: string,
			columns: (keyof Row)[],
			refColumns: string[],
			onDelete?: 'restrict' | 'cascade' | 'no action' | 'set null' | 'set default';
			onUpdate?: 'restrict' | 'cascade' | 'no action' | 'set null' | 'set default';

When indicating a table, we use that table’s object. When indicating refColumns, we use that table’s object. But columns were free-floating. So, (keyof Rows) narrows space for error.

spioncommented, Mar 1, 2017

With the newest mapped types in TypeScript, its actually possible to model node-sql

There is a work-in-progress implementation here: which can be used as a starting point.

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