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Find query at child

See original GitHub issue

I am trying to use a test case as described in “mongoose-schema-extend”

All is working just as explained there.

But, I would expect it to give me the ability to do a search query on the inherited type. So if we consider the example showed in the link above:

var VehicleSchema = mongoose.Schema({ 
  make : String,
}, { collection : 'vehicles', discriminatorKey : '_type' });

var CarSchema = VehicleSchema.extend({
  year : Number
var BusSchema = VehicleSchema.extend({
  route : Number

var Vehicle = mongoose.model('vehicle', VehicleSchema),
    Car = mongoose.model('car', CarSchema),
    Bus = mongoose.model('bus', BusSchema);

var accord = new Car({ 
  make : 'Honda',
  year : 1999
var muni = new Bus({
   make : 'Neoplan',
  route : 33

I would expect Car.find({}) to return only the documents which have _type : Car. Instead, I get all vehicles.

Is there a way to get only the cars except for doing Car.find{"_type":"Car"})?

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  • Created 9 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

nodesworkcommented, Oct 24, 2016

Another quick implementation is to use pre hooks to inject the discriminatorKey into conditions:

 99     var patchDiscriminatorKey = function() {
100       this._conditions[key] = this.model.modelName;
101     };
103     newSchema.pre('find', patchDiscriminatorKey);
104     newSchema.pre('findOne', patchDiscriminatorKey);
105     newSchema.pre('count', patchDiscriminatorKey);
106     newSchema.pre('findOneAndRemove', patchDiscriminatorKey);
107     newSchema.pre('findOneAndUpdate', patchDiscriminatorKey);
108     newSchema.pre('update', patchDiscriminatorKey);
sandeepaboutcliniccommented, May 5, 2017

i add above line. after that facing some problem.

Hi, i have schemas. person staff extend person provider extend person saving data with Discriminator Key __t =‘sfaff’ saving data with Discriminator Key __t =‘provider’ saving data without Discriminator Key

in plugin i did changes

` var patchDiscriminatorKey = function() { this._conditions[key] = this.model.modelName; };

newSchema.pre(‘find’, patchDiscriminatorKey); newSchema.pre(‘findOne’, patchDiscriminatorKey); newSchema.pre(‘count’, patchDiscriminatorKey); newSchema.pre(‘findOneAndRemove’, patchDiscriminatorKey); newSchema.pre(‘findOneAndUpdate’, patchDiscriminatorKey); newSchema.pre(‘update’, patchDiscriminatorKey);

return newSchema; }; ` let me know what is issue.

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